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          Chairman's speech

          Xintongxia! Jing Da Si Hai!

          Newcomers, love, and also love kindness.

          The scenery is like the object, and the highest goodness is like water.

          Drips or small, converging streams; The rivers and lakes may be vast, but all rivers return to the sea. Moisturizing all things for the benefit of the world is both new and scenic.

          New love cultivates character, scenery plans for the future, service creates value, and professional replication is successful!

          New scenery, inheriting classic values. With new as the cultural image and innovation as the core concept, we warmly serve new and old customers both domestically and internationally, and are committed to becoming a professional manufacturer of refined products!



          Company Address:27 Donghuan Road, Jiangling County, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province

          E-mail: linzhenxing@xinjingchem.com


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